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The use of Facebook has rapidly changed over time now. Businesses are now choosing Facebook advertising as their primary source for marketing. Facebook is no longer just used for connecting with friends and uploading pictures, it has added many new features which enhances the user interface and is now used for marketing.

Facebook currently has over 2 billion active users, which gives a great opportunity to market your business and gain prospects. Using traditional media increases cost and can reach a limited number of people. Facebook is absolutely free and reaches a large number people. If you want to reach more, it has the boost option that has nominal rates.

Therefore, all business choose Facebook to market their business, showcase their products or service.

Facebook marketing is very easy but it needs a basic understanding. One can create a Facebook business page for free and start marketing there. Hard work comes in where you have gain page likes and creates engaging posts to attract people and build brand image. All these are still considered as basics in Facebook marketing.
Facebook advertising is another aspect that gives more exposure, specific audience targeting and more reach. For businesses, it is important to track paid reach and organic reach. Facebook advertising platform solely works on paid ads. it is recommended to hire an experienced best social media marketing agency in mumbai for managing your Facebook ads, to give you better results.

Today we are going to tell you how to start Facebook advertising for business and the recent features in it.

• Making an account on business manager

One can easily make a business manager account on Facebook and link it to your profile. One can add or link pages that you manage. There are various options in it regarding admin roles, payment method, etc. Just enter your payment details and whenever you start an ad, the money will automatically be deducted. Additionally, Facebook even sends an invoice on monthly basis on your email id.

The business manager makes it easy to manage the ads and you can create multiple ad accounts under it, which we will go through further.

• Marketing objective

When you click on create an ad, the first thing Facebook asks is your marketing objective. They have 11 objective options that are:

1. Brand awareness

2. Reach

3. Traffic

4. Engagement

5. App installs

6. Video views

7. Lead generation

8. Messages

9. Conversions

10. Product catalog sales

11. Store visits

Each objective is quite self-explanatory by its name. One can choose their marketing objective and can go ahead. Each marketing objective has different interfaces and options available that are useful.

• Setting up an Ad account

Now you have to set up an ad account where you will be asked your account country, currency and time zone. You can even edit the name of ad account.

For e.g. if you choose lead generation as your marketing objective, you can create more than one lead generation ad sets under it. All your ad sets and ads will focus on lead generation only.

• Creating ad sets

You can experiment your audience and product by making different ad sets and checking which one is better.

Ad sets contain information about your page, the audience based on age, gender, location, interests, demographics, etc. placement of ads, delivery, and budget and schedule. All this information can be edited and different ad sets can be made depending on different audiences.

• The main ad

Now comes the main ad that you want to promote. This will be the body of your ad. Select the kind of post you want to promote i.e. image, video, carousel, etc. and they include titles, description, the inside page's content.

Managing Facebook advertising is really easy. One just has to go through its interface and understand it. The features are outstanding, additionally, Facebook advertising has proven to be a success. a Leading digital marketing company in Mumbai, is known to be the best social media marketing company in Mumbai, with a team of social media experts who have provided proven results to many businesses.