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A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram is the second most used social media platform after Facebook. It is known for its friendly interface and is mostly used for uploading and attracting people with images and videos.

You must have seen many influencers promoting various brands and their products or services.

Today we will go through a guide that explains why Instagram influencer marketing is important and how to go about it.

Nowadays, Many Reputated persons are using the Instagram to Influence the Others, Persons are using the other Social Network Platforms like Facebook, and Linkedin as well.
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We all know that influencer marketing has great benefits and it does show results. But why do we choose Instagram out of the other social media platforms?

Instagram is known to have massive reach. It is the most used social media platform in the US. It can make your post reach a huge amount of people.

Research and reports have proved the highest engagement rate on Instagram. Which means that one can get a higher engagement on Instagram rather than other social media platforms.

When done a research with various influencers, they prefer Instagram over other platforms because of the massive reach and engagement rate.

Now let us see what all things to consider before getting into it:

1. Cost

Before starting any campaign, it is important that we look into the budget and cost and then start planning accordingly.

The cost for influencing marketing on Instagram is a bit expensive. Most of the influencers charge depending on the number of followers they have.

It is not necessary that all are expensive but most of them are. On an average, if an influencer has around 2000 followers they charge around Rs.5000 and if they have millions of followers, they may even charge around Rs.80, 000 for one Instagram post.

The cost of influencers also depends on the industry that you are in and in what the influencer specializes. Travel influencers charge the highest it seems.

2. Finding the right influencer

This can be the toughest job but can be simplified if you think and plan it properly. One needs to make sure that your campaign objective and goals are clear to you. After that, you may search for influencers.

The things that you must see in an influencer is the characteristics. The characteristics should define your goals and objectives. Also, ensure that they related to your brand and that they are engaging and creative.

If an influencer is using your brand products then they can be the best. Search for branded keywords and hashtags and check people who use your products. Also, use the right tools for searching the best influencers.

3. Execution

There are various ways to execute your campaign. Once you have set your goals and choose the right influencer for your brand, you can then move to the execution part.

There are five ways to execute your campaign effectively. These include sponsored posts, conducting contests, branding content, reviews and brand rep programs. Each of them has their own benefits. Using customized links and URL’s can make tracking easier.

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6 ways illustration improves UX

User experience is the most important thing that should be considered. The end goal of businesses is to have conversions and for conversions to happen traffic is important and the user experience. If the user is happy and satisfied with your website, they will convert.

There are various things that are considered for a positive user experience. A responsive website, content, page speed, load time, text, font, color, etc. all of these elements contribute to a positive user experience.

Additionally, the user experience is considered by search engines in order to detect relevancy of the website.

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The most important factor that contributes to a positive user experience is visuals and illustrations.

Today lets us go through illustration ways that improve the user experience.

1. Convey the primary point faster

Illustrations are the best to explain and make things clear for the users to understand. One can use illustrations in a million ways to improve UX, especially for mobile apps and websites. Tutorials in an illustration format can make things very interesting and engaging. In addition, there is less usage of text that is an advantage for mobile apps.

One can use illustrations to show product or service differences, engaging users while they are waiting for something, or making an error also seem playful or funny.

2. Create unforgettable memories

Visuals do influence the minds of people but a designer should make this influence long lasting and memorable. The main focus of a designer should be design and make illustrations such that they are unforgettable.

Making use of mascots for your brand can also be a great way to build brand image and make it unforgettable.

When people remember any experience, they do not actually remember everything but they remember some bits and pieces of it that are memorable. Hence, the goal should be to create illustrations that people remember.

3. Design illusions that help in direct communication

When a user visits a website there are a lot of things planned and expected. It is like a journey for them with an ending that is the goal.

Illusions and illustrations help the user to make this journey into a story by adding illusions to it.

For e.g. creating an illusion of a person or an animal that will guide the user through the website.

4. Strengthen the concept

Every website has a general concept of style and adding illustrations to it offers some support visually.

Alongside other marking components, for example, logos, text styles, shading plans, representations significantly affect item's style. At the point when delineation is made by the style, it gives more regular and consonant sentiment.

Yet, for that to happen the illustrations must feel steady, similar to they originated from a similar source regardless of whether they were made by various individuals.

5. Adding animations to illustrations

For a positive user experience interaction is a must. Users must feel like they are interacting with the website. Illustrations play a major role in this and if an animation is added to it, it can do wonders. Illustrations with animations and transitions make the experience of a user feel more natural and smooth.

Illustrations can be augmented with animations and transitions. Merging all of these can not only create unforgettable memories but also create an energetic user experience.

6. Usage of Gamification

For a good user experience and engagement, gamifications can be added. Illustrations with little gamification can be included to ought to be remunerated for some accomplishment to the users.

Therefore, ensure that you have added illustrations to your website design right now to improve the user experience.

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The Definitive Guide to Running an SEO Website Audit

You have done an excellent job in designing and developing your website, but you are not getting enough traffic that you expected. In addition, you are upset because your competitors are getting traffic and you wonder what is wrong with your website.

Well, the solution to this problem is an SEO website audit.

Many SEO agencies perform a website audit before starting SEO practices.

Before getting into details for running an SEO website audit, Webtraffic.agency - Leading Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai first know what exactly it is.

SEO audit is not just checking and evaluating websites to see how much ability, it has to appear on the search engine results page.

An audit is finding out the problems in a website and finding solutions for it in order to boost the visibility on the SERPs.

Basically, an audit gives you grades on how well you are performing on the SERPs. Even if your website is attractive and well designed, it won’t make sense if the search engines are not able to read your website properly and clearly.

In order to know the SEO score of your website, there are many tools available for it.

The above explains a normal audit; an SEO audit gives full insight and provides plans that need to be worked on and it should be audited by the Leading SEO Company in Mumbai

SEO website audit can help in comparing your website to your competitors and find out what is missing.

It also helps in realizing the changes that your website needs.

It also gives a general outline for your website about the SEO productivity.

Detect shortcomings of your website and find out solutions to fix it.

Prepare a few desired for the future of your website.

One obviously cannot enhance each finding made on SEO audit at the same time but one can chip away at a few factors.

Let us now look at some factors that need to get attention during an SEO audit.

1. Uplift your technical SEO

There are various technical SEO things like checking page titles, Meta descriptions, backlinks, images, etc. make use of the best tools and check if all these are properly optimized.

There are two algorithm updates by Google named Penguin and Panda. The algorithm Panda checks your content and banners and Penguin checks the quality of your backlinks. Various tools are available for checking if these two are proper. Majestic SEO tool is also the best for doing a Penguin check. Analyse which are the sites that are linked to your brand and are not genuine.

Page titles and descriptions should be added and keywords should be placed. Make sure that you use your brand's name somewhere in the page titles.

An SEO checker will check if anything is missing.

2. Execute a websites crawl

Your website needs to be crawled by the search engine spiders. It basically gives an aerial view of the problems regarding your website.

By mistake, you may have put some pages in “no index" that means there is no permission for the search engines to crawl the page.

If search engines are not allowed to crawl the page, you might skip the opportunity of ranking for that specific page or the keywords.

For this, site crawling can be helpful.

Additionally, many page errors occur on the page due to some changes made.

Hence, perform a site crawl and detect all the problems.

3. User experience (UX)

User experience is the foremost and important things. If the user is not satisfied with your website, it makes no sense in marketing.

The search engines have become very smart and they can easily judge your website based on user experience.

Colours, text, font, content, images, structure, etc. are all the things that one should focus on for a positive user experience. If your website provides value, nothing like it!

Also, make sure that your website is mobile friendly and that the page speed of your site is good.

All of the above are factors that affect user experience.

4. Examine your DNS settings

One has to make sure if the bots are able to crawl your website without any error. DNS settings are for that. One can easily check this on Google Search Console by logging in for free and then checking the “Current status" tab. On that tab, if you see any green checkmark it means that your DNS settings are proper.


An SEO website audit will help you to make sure if things are fine. This further helps in ranking on the SERPs. Ensure that you even check the security of your website because Google prefers secured websites.

How to start with Facebook Advertising for Business - Blog Post by Webtraffic.agency

The use of Facebook has rapidly changed over time now. Businesses are now choosing Facebook advertising as their primary source for marketing. Facebook is no longer just used for connecting with friends and uploading pictures, it has added many new features which enhances the user interface and is now used for marketing.

Facebook currently has over 2 billion active users, which gives a great opportunity to market your business and gain prospects. Using traditional media increases cost and can reach a limited number of people. Facebook is absolutely free and reaches a large number people. If you want to reach more, it has the boost option that has nominal rates.

Therefore, all business choose Facebook to market their business, showcase their products or service.

Facebook marketing is very easy but it needs a basic understanding. One can create a Facebook business page for free and start marketing there. Hard work comes in where you have gain page likes and creates engaging posts to attract people and build brand image. All these are still considered as basics in Facebook marketing.
Facebook advertising is another aspect that gives more exposure, specific audience targeting and more reach. For businesses, it is important to track paid reach and organic reach. Facebook advertising platform solely works on paid ads. it is recommended to hire an experienced best social media marketing agency in mumbai for managing your Facebook ads, to give you better results.

Today we are going to tell you how to start Facebook advertising for business and the recent features in it.

• Making an account on business manager

One can easily make a business manager account on Facebook and link it to your profile. One can add or link pages that you manage. There are various options in it regarding admin roles, payment method, etc. Just enter your payment details and whenever you start an ad, the money will automatically be deducted. Additionally, Facebook even sends an invoice on monthly basis on your email id.

The business manager makes it easy to manage the ads and you can create multiple ad accounts under it, which we will go through further.

• Marketing objective

When you click on create an ad, the first thing Facebook asks is your marketing objective. They have 11 objective options that are:

1. Brand awareness

2. Reach

3. Traffic

4. Engagement

5. App installs

6. Video views

7. Lead generation

8. Messages

9. Conversions

10. Product catalog sales

11. Store visits

Each objective is quite self-explanatory by its name. One can choose their marketing objective and can go ahead. Each marketing objective has different interfaces and options available that are useful.

• Setting up an Ad account

Now you have to set up an ad account where you will be asked your account country, currency and time zone. You can even edit the name of ad account.

For e.g. if you choose lead generation as your marketing objective, you can create more than one lead generation ad sets under it. All your ad sets and ads will focus on lead generation only.

• Creating ad sets

You can experiment your audience and product by making different ad sets and checking which one is better.

Ad sets contain information about your page, the audience based on age, gender, location, interests, demographics, etc. placement of ads, delivery, and budget and schedule. All this information can be edited and different ad sets can be made depending on different audiences.

• The main ad

Now comes the main ad that you want to promote. This will be the body of your ad. Select the kind of post you want to promote i.e. image, video, carousel, etc. and they include titles, description, the inside page's content.

Managing Facebook advertising is really easy. One just has to go through its interface and understand it. The features are outstanding, additionally, Facebook advertising has proven to be a success.

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How does Google RankBrain work?

Many of you might be unaware of what RankBrain is all about. RankBrain is a machine learning technology and it helps Google to deliver its search results.

It is an algorithm that uses the artificially intelligent system. Google confirmed this technology in 2015. It basically helps Google to categorize its search engine. This means that instead of something being taught by humans, the computer itself teaches how to do things and understand it by detailed programming.

But what is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is famously known as AI. A computer is an artificial object but it can be as smart as human beings. Therefore the name artificial intelligence. It can receive knowledge from being taught and also from a connection. This term is only used for computer systems

RankBrain is a synonym word for both artificial intelligence as well as machine learning.

RankBrain is a part of Google’s algorithm that uses this artificial intelligence and helps search engines to find the relevant results of a query.

The name of the algorithm that Google uses is Hummingbird. It is assumed that RankBrain is a small part of Hummingbird

So how does RankBrain work?

As I specified over, the key reason for RankBrain is to convey more pertinent outcomes by translating the importance of entire expressions as opposed to concentrating on singular words.

This algorithm can successfully deal with complex long-tail queries, see how they are associated with specific topics and give the results likewise.

Essentially, RankBrain recognizes designs behind various hunt inquiries that may appear to be random and discovers likenesses between them.

This permits the Google search engine to comprehend an expression that has never managed by relating it to phrases that are familiar.

As a machine-learning framework, RankBrain always shows itself, as far as anyone knows by focusing on measurements like bounce rate or time spent on page. When a user does not find the right result and find the results irrelevant, the algorithm will display different results for the same query.

The general purpose of RankBrain is to give results keyword by keyword, but rather to take what a searcher types in the Google search engine and translate what that searcher truly implies.

Instead of creating pages and content that are centered around just a single keyword, make pages and content that are centered around one principle keyword state and the expressions identified with that keyword

Let us see how to please RankBrain by SEO tactics.

Before RankBrain, one used to do its keyword research and remove some specific keywords relating to goal setting. However, here for pleasing RankBrain, one must not only focus on goal setting but also on goal achievement.

Let us go through this step-by-step

Make use of Google Keyword Planner and do the same keyword research. What will be different here is that you have to look out for long phrase keywords.

LSI keywords would also help you to find keywords that would please RankBrain. Type the specific keyword related to your business, and at the end of the search results, you will see long tail keywords that can be useful.

Google anyway doesn’t favor keyword stuffing, therefore avoid it here too.

It is said that RankBrain is known to be the third most important factor for ranking. There are more than 200 ranking factors and RankBrain is the third one. RankBrain is also focused on quality content and user engagement.

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