A complete guide to Video Marketing

Videos are taking marketing to a completely new level. The future of digital marketing is in displaying creative content and most of them in videos. One can promote their company and bring great impact to it by using videos in their content. YouTube drives around 1,325,000,000 viewers each day. Other social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat get more than 100 million views per day. Yes, that is the number of time people spend on videos. Therefore, it is important to add video marketing in your Social Media Marketing strategies.

It is said that 50 percent of the content that can be viewed and heard is consumed more and makes people take action. It is even said that 90 percent of the people click links after watching online videos.

Creating engaging videos can be a difficult task and it requires a lot of skills. The videos should resonate with your audience and it should make sense to them for engaging.

For making videos, one needs editing skills, resources, and some equipment.

Today let us look at the importance of video marketing and how one can use in their content marketing strategy.

Why is video marketing so important?

Notwithstanding the huge number of hours that individuals spend watching videos every day, video advertising can likewise drive mark development and a strong showcasing ROI.

84% of the people are likely to buy the product after watching videos.

25% people look for more information about a business on watching videos.

YouTube reaches a particular target audience faster than any other traditional media. Also, it proves to have more impact.

When there are videos on a website, maximum visitors spend more time and this can have a great impact on user engagement factors for SEO.

The value of a minute video can be worth 1 million words and views

Videos are more impacting and can showcase your brand message in a very creative way

The power of short videos can have a great impact and influence people to buy the product or view your website

How to start with making videos?

Choosing a topic

For starting to make videos, you must first choose a relevant topic. There can be three types of topics, educational, entertainment or inspirational. Depending on your business niche and theme you can select a topic. It is said that educational videos have more impact on people if you are a B2B marketer. To gain a fan base educational and inspirational videos are the best.

Entertainment videos are always proven to be the best but this again depends on your business niche.

Selecting the theme would be the first step before starting to create a video.

Concentrate on content

There is no doubt that when making a video there are a lot of things to take into consideration like lighting, set, etc. but these are very small aspects of video marketing. Concentrate more on the content of your video and how you are going to display it creatively.

The content is what will take your business forward will place a mark.

Set a promotion strategy

Video marketing is not just about creating videos and uploading them. One needs to bring it in front of the people and promote it. Make a promotional strategy in advance and promote your video everywhere so that people watch it. Keep a plan in place and within 24 hours after the upload promotes it to get great social media signals.

Video marketing becomes an essential part of digital marketing and that is where the future lies in. 75% of internet users remember videos more than images and content. If you are nor using video marketing yet in your digital campaign, you are not yet connecting with your customers.

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