An epic guide to Facebook messenger marketing, content marketing in 2018

Social media marketing has been the most demanded service nowadays. All the businesses are now taking help of social media for promoting their products and services.

Facebook has their own chatbots named Facebook Messenger that is used to chat and communicate with friends and family. Well, now this chatbot is even used for business purpose.

Chatbots are like artificial intelligence and one can even set automated messages.

They seem to be more personal than emails and it helps to understand your business even more since one can personally have a one-to-one talk with the customer. It is also ore targeted than Twitter.

One can do many marketing activities through Facebook messenger. Nowadays, Best Services can avail with the help of, Leading Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai

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Let us first go through some facts about the Facebook messenger.

Facebook messenger has more than 1.20 billion active users. It is almost one-fifth of the overall population.

Research shows that almost 45 minutes a day is spent on Facebook messenger by people.

Additionally, almost 40% of the marketers consider Facebook messenger as a major marketing platform

Today we will learn how to use Facebook messenger for marketing and to create interesting content.

1. One can create a subscription list

Messenger platform provides many features for creating a chat subscription. Sometimes the main agenda of email marketing is creating an email list and having customers to open the mails. Whereas it is observed that, there are more clicks on messenger than emails and 70% more click-through-rate compared to Emails.

There is a feature in messenger that helps in saving chat subscriptions automatically when you talk to someone.

The advantages of it are that these chats create informal conversations that are short and easier to understand leading to customers feeling more close to your business.

2. You can even launch products

Yes, one can even launch products using chatbots like the Facebook messenger. it is an awesome strategy because it has higher conversion rates and they are more effective than any other chatbots.

One a book was launched by a marketer and author using the chat subscription list and he found great results. Some viral posts were used on Quora and LinkedIn in order to get traffic from there and land on Facebook messenger. He then connected with them and actually got around 3800 new subscribers. Additionally, he even got many likes for his book.

3. Best user experience

User experience is one of the most important things to consider when marketing any product or service. If the user is not satisfied then it won’t lead to any sales.

Facebook messenger platform gives a great user experience with different formats that it uses.

There are automated messages that are sent if the person is not available to reply. This gives a confirmation to the customer that the person will be back.

In addition, they have different and interesting formats to send messages like for e.g. CT buttons, links that are clickable, images and messages that are goal oriented.

Artificial intelligence indeed helps to magnify and improve customer experiences with the use of your Facebook’s page.

4. Targeted advertisements

Now you can even send targeted advertisements with the help of Facebook Messenger. One can direct people to the Facebook messenger or even create advertisements that send to Messenger.

The option of sending people to the messenger is a type of advertisement where it is visible on the user's newsfeed and it also comes with a CTA button.

The marketer can have a control over this and the conversation.

The other option of sending messages to people on messenger means these advertisements are for people who have texted you once on Messenger. One can add text, description, and headline and link while creating campaigns.

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