8 contact page mistakes that are costing you conversions

While making and designing a website there are a lot of things to be taken care of. Content, keywords, visual elements like images, videos, text, font, colors, layouts, etc.

Of course, we try our best to make a wonderful and attractive website because that is the face of your brand or organization. However, just visuals elements and content is not enough.

For conversions, our landing pages are the important ones. Conversions is the Main part in the Digital Marketing Services and it should be handled by the Leading Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai and in Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing - it should get it done by the Companies like SEO Company in Mumbai, and Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai

Many do not think much about landing pages and how it influences the conversions. The contact page is the only link that connects the visitor to your organization or business. It is the best page to convert your visitor into a customer.

Today we will see some contact page mistakes that many do and that cost you conversions.

1. Not having a contact page

Yes, many websites that do not have a contact page. There are many new trends and website designs that look attractive but not having a contact page will only put all your hard work in the trash.

You have added great images, HD videos and included parallax scrolling, etc. but how will your visitors contact you if they need your services?

This is one of the greatest mistakes people usually do. Adding social media pages is a necessity but having a contact number and an email id is also necessary.

Adding two phone numbers can be more effective. If phone numbers and email ids do not work, social media accounts is always an option.

2. Hidden contact pages

Many websites do not have contact page in the navigation bar but rather have it in the footer. A study shows that having contact information in the footer frustrates the visitor and you have lost a conversion.

Hence, make sure that you have the contact tab in the navigation bar.

3. Too many demands

What people hate is filling forms and the fewer questions they have to answer the happier they get.

Hence, your contact page should not have many questions to fill in. It should not take more than a minute for the person to fill the form.

Just to answer one query they do not have to fill their grandfather’s name and additional information that has no use.

Ensure that you ask relevant questions so that you can find solutions to their queries pivoting around their answers.

4. Analysing the submissions

Analysing the contact forms can help you in various ways. This does not have to exactly deal with your contact page but it can help in various other things. If a person has a query and you have more 3-4 people, asking the same query can help you realize what is confusing them or it can be an FAQ.

You can also add drop down options for people to choose a category and then ask their questions.

5. Not monitoring the submissions that you are getting

This can be a huge turn off for many customers. People fill various forms and have not received an answer from many of them. This shows your carelessness about the contact forms and you can also lose out on potential customers.

Therefore, make sure that you monitor your contact forms and that you respond them so that your people know that you care about them.


Contact pages should be given attention because they somewhere contribute to the user experience and it also has the potential to turn visitors into conversions.

Hence, make sure that you do not do these mistakes on your contact page.

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