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6 ways illustration improves UX

User experience is the most important thing that should be considered. The end goal of businesses is to have conversions and for conversions to happen traffic is important and the user experience. If the user is happy and satisfied with your website, they will convert.

There are various things that are considered for a positive user experience. A responsive website, content, page speed, load time, text, font, color, etc. all of these elements contribute to a positive user experience.

Additionally, the user experience is considered by search engines in order to detect relevancy of the website.

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The most important factor that contributes to a positive user experience is visuals and illustrations.

Today lets us go through illustration ways that improve the user experience.

1. Convey the primary point faster

Illustrations are the best to explain and make things clear for the users to understand. One can use illustrations in a million ways to improve UX, especially for mobile apps and websites. Tutorials in an illustration format can make things very interesting and engaging. In addition, there is less usage of text that is an advantage for mobile apps.

One can use illustrations to show product or service differences, engaging users while they are waiting for something, or making an error also seem playful or funny.

2. Create unforgettable memories

Visuals do influence the minds of people but a designer should make this influence long lasting and memorable. The main focus of a designer should be design and make illustrations such that they are unforgettable.

Making use of mascots for your brand can also be a great way to build brand image and make it unforgettable.

When people remember any experience, they do not actually remember everything but they remember some bits and pieces of it that are memorable. Hence, the goal should be to create illustrations that people remember.

3. Design illusions that help in direct communication

When a user visits a website there are a lot of things planned and expected. It is like a journey for them with an ending that is the goal.

Illusions and illustrations help the user to make this journey into a story by adding illusions to it.

For e.g. creating an illusion of a person or an animal that will guide the user through the website.

4. Strengthen the concept

Every website has a general concept of style and adding illustrations to it offers some support visually.

Alongside other marking components, for example, logos, text styles, shading plans, representations significantly affect item's style. At the point when delineation is made by the style, it gives more regular and consonant sentiment.

Yet, for that to happen the illustrations must feel steady, similar to they originated from a similar source regardless of whether they were made by various individuals.

5. Adding animations to illustrations

For a positive user experience interaction is a must. Users must feel like they are interacting with the website. Illustrations play a major role in this and if an animation is added to it, it can do wonders. Illustrations with animations and transitions make the experience of a user feel more natural and smooth.

Illustrations can be augmented with animations and transitions. Merging all of these can not only create unforgettable memories but also create an energetic user experience.

6. Usage of Gamification

For a good user experience and engagement, gamifications can be added. Illustrations with little gamification can be included to ought to be remunerated for some accomplishment to the users.

Therefore, ensure that you have added illustrations to your website design right now to improve the user experience.

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8 contact page mistakes that are costing you conversions

While making and designing a website there are a lot of things to be taken care of. Content, keywords, visual elements like images, videos, text, font, colors, layouts, etc.

Of course, we try our best to make a wonderful and attractive website because that is the face of your brand or organization. However, just visuals elements and content is not enough.

For conversions, our landing pages are the important ones. Conversions is the Main part in the Digital Marketing Services and it should be handled by the Leading Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai and in Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing - it should get it done by the Companies like SEO Company in Mumbai, and Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai

Many do not think much about landing pages and how it influences the conversions. The contact page is the only link that connects the visitor to your organization or business. It is the best page to convert your visitor into a customer.

Today we will see some contact page mistakes that many do and that cost you conversions.

1. Not having a contact page

Yes, many websites that do not have a contact page. There are many new trends and website designs that look attractive but not having a contact page will only put all your hard work in the trash.

You have added great images, HD videos and included parallax scrolling, etc. but how will your visitors contact you if they need your services?

This is one of the greatest mistakes people usually do. Adding social media pages is a necessity but having a contact number and an email id is also necessary.

Adding two phone numbers can be more effective. If phone numbers and email ids do not work, social media accounts is always an option.

2. Hidden contact pages

Many websites do not have contact page in the navigation bar but rather have it in the footer. A study shows that having contact information in the footer frustrates the visitor and you have lost a conversion.

Hence, make sure that you have the contact tab in the navigation bar.

3. Too many demands

What people hate is filling forms and the fewer questions they have to answer the happier they get.

Hence, your contact page should not have many questions to fill in. It should not take more than a minute for the person to fill the form.

Just to answer one query they do not have to fill their grandfather’s name and additional information that has no use.

Ensure that you ask relevant questions so that you can find solutions to their queries pivoting around their answers.

4. Analysing the submissions

Analysing the contact forms can help you in various ways. This does not have to exactly deal with your contact page but it can help in various other things. If a person has a query and you have more 3-4 people, asking the same query can help you realize what is confusing them or it can be an FAQ.

You can also add drop down options for people to choose a category and then ask their questions.

5. Not monitoring the submissions that you are getting

This can be a huge turn off for many customers. People fill various forms and have not received an answer from many of them. This shows your carelessness about the contact forms and you can also lose out on potential customers.

Therefore, make sure that you monitor your contact forms and that you respond them so that your people know that you care about them.


Contact pages should be given attention because they somewhere contribute to the user experience and it also has the potential to turn visitors into conversions.

Hence, make sure that you do not do these mistakes on your contact page.

The Definitive Guide to Running an SEO Website Audit

You have done an excellent job in designing and developing your website, but you are not getting enough traffic that you expected. In addition, you are upset because your competitors are getting traffic and you wonder what is wrong with your website.

Well, the solution to this problem is an SEO website audit.

Many SEO agencies perform a website audit before starting SEO practices.

Before getting into details for running an SEO website audit, Webtraffic.agency - Leading Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai first know what exactly it is.

SEO audit is not just checking and evaluating websites to see how much ability, it has to appear on the search engine results page.

An audit is finding out the problems in a website and finding solutions for it in order to boost the visibility on the SERPs.

Basically, an audit gives you grades on how well you are performing on the SERPs. Even if your website is attractive and well designed, it won’t make sense if the search engines are not able to read your website properly and clearly.

In order to know the SEO score of your website, there are many tools available for it.

The above explains a normal audit; an SEO audit gives full insight and provides plans that need to be worked on and it should be audited by the Leading SEO Company in Mumbai

SEO website audit can help in comparing your website to your competitors and find out what is missing.

It also helps in realizing the changes that your website needs.

It also gives a general outline for your website about the SEO productivity.

Detect shortcomings of your website and find out solutions to fix it.

Prepare a few desired for the future of your website.

One obviously cannot enhance each finding made on SEO audit at the same time but one can chip away at a few factors.

Let us now look at some factors that need to get attention during an SEO audit.

1. Uplift your technical SEO

There are various technical SEO things like checking page titles, Meta descriptions, backlinks, images, etc. make use of the best tools and check if all these are properly optimized.

There are two algorithm updates by Google named Penguin and Panda. The algorithm Panda checks your content and banners and Penguin checks the quality of your backlinks. Various tools are available for checking if these two are proper. Majestic SEO tool is also the best for doing a Penguin check. Analyse which are the sites that are linked to your brand and are not genuine.

Page titles and descriptions should be added and keywords should be placed. Make sure that you use your brand's name somewhere in the page titles.

An SEO checker will check if anything is missing.

2. Execute a websites crawl

Your website needs to be crawled by the search engine spiders. It basically gives an aerial view of the problems regarding your website.

By mistake, you may have put some pages in “no index" that means there is no permission for the search engines to crawl the page.

If search engines are not allowed to crawl the page, you might skip the opportunity of ranking for that specific page or the keywords.

For this, site crawling can be helpful.

Additionally, many page errors occur on the page due to some changes made.

Hence, perform a site crawl and detect all the problems.

3. User experience (UX)

User experience is the foremost and important things. If the user is not satisfied with your website, it makes no sense in marketing.

The search engines have become very smart and they can easily judge your website based on user experience.

Colours, text, font, content, images, structure, etc. are all the things that one should focus on for a positive user experience. If your website provides value, nothing like it!

Also, make sure that your website is mobile friendly and that the page speed of your site is good.

All of the above are factors that affect user experience.

4. Examine your DNS settings

One has to make sure if the bots are able to crawl your website without any error. DNS settings are for that. One can easily check this on Google Search Console by logging in for free and then checking the “Current status" tab. On that tab, if you see any green checkmark it means that your DNS settings are proper.


An SEO website audit will help you to make sure if things are fine. This further helps in ranking on the SERPs. Ensure that you even check the security of your website because Google prefers secured websites.

How the Facebook local app affects Local SEO

Social media was previously used for entertainment purpose and for connecting with friends and family. Especially the largest social media platform, Facebook, which has the most active users, is used for various purposes now. One can advertise their business on social media platforms and have great results.

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Facebook keeps updating their app and other features for publishers and businesses. The recent update was for publishers related to the news feed.

If you are a local businessperson, you must consider using the Facebook local app for promotions because more than half of the people refer to Facebook for local search.

Now Local SEO - Local SEO services in Mumbai can also be benefitted by the use of the Facebook app.

Let us see how the Facebook local app affects Local SEO.

1. Credibility of reviews

Studies reveal that 83% of the people only trust online reviews as much as proposals from family and companions. The other fourth of people still needs to trust if the reviews and genuine enough. This is because of the commonness of fake reviews and a mindfulness that they exist.

Well, Facebook has handled the issue confronting credibility.

Facebook local does not allow outsiders or entrepreneurs acting like analysts rather organizations are positioned on the basis of popularity that the users of Facebook trust and know.

Hence, this features the significance of reviews and the requirement for organizations to organize Facebook local and give equal importance to it as they do for Google my business or Yelp or other directories.

2. Context is important for local guides

At a fast look, [Facebook Local is] not exactly as entire a database as Yelp's, nor does it have the same number of surveys or appraisals, yet it is a truly valuable instrument.

This is the reason organizations must be careful to guarantee their Facebook pages are rounded out precisely and totally.

Ensure that your business telephone number, business name, and address are right. Include more pertinent business classes.

Also, make sure that you fill up the About section and add relevant keywords.

Keep in mind: the more you round out your profile, lesser you constrain Facebook to crowdsource a wrong answer.

3. Encourage check-ins

Facebook can take a gander at registration to see which organizations are the most mainstream and when.

Support check-ins at your organization place to the motion to Facebook that the business is bouncing.

Yelp used a brilliant idea so that people check-in at their restaurant. If customers fruitfully do a Facebook check-in on their phone, they were given discount codes that were unique.

You can also run competitions by clicking the best picture at your eatery or place and give away some gifts for the best ones.

Add clickable buttons for reservations and appointments.

The motive is to get clients in the propensity for utilizing Facebook as a major aspect of their involvement with your business.

4. For visibility encourage events

Facebook has tried really hard to merge social media into local search and has chained events and directories into a solitary application.

It coordinates with your schedule, matches up to your occasions in a single place, and incorporates trending events and discover tabs to demonstrate what is well known right now and among your companions.

There is the probability of you being incorporated into your customers feed and there is much more discoverability due to facilitating occasions and events.

Make occasions frequently, like launches of products, item dispatches, deals, and clearly, customary occasions.


The importance of social media is growing day by day and it has been a useful tool for many businesses to market their product or services.

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